Sunday, January 08, 2017

Tired old point

Image result for afghan women 70s

I noticed this little story popping up on the feeds today; it hasn't been syndicated much as I suspect stories like this are such a tired old (boring) well trodden path these days. A Woman in Afghanistan was beheaded last month for the heinous crime of... wait for it, going shopping without her husband! I mentioned this to my wife and her comment was that someone should be beheaded for insisting that husbands go shopping WITH their wives, who invariably spoil the experience by constantly pointing out the outrageous prices for items such as handbags, make-up and shoes.

So this is theocracy in 2017; a barbaric, primitive and misogynistic system run by ignorant and uneducated thugs. The picture above is of some Women in Afghanistan back in the 70s, studying at a University in that country, fat chance of the same basic human rights being afforded to the daughters and granddaughters of these people today. Such is the stultifying and regressive effect of religion (or any totalitarian system) when it achieves unopposed worldly power.

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