Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday snark..

Tee-he, another "executive order" from the Trump..

Although I must say I was watching some old YouTube videos of General James Mattis (Trumps pick for Defense Secretary) and he comes across as well read, articulate, traveled and a supporter of the enlightenment! Can't possibly have been the President's idea then.

Take a look (below), hopefully this guy has an unreasonable amount of influence, although so far it wouldn't appear that way.


A Heron's View said...

In listening to the interview with Gen. James Mattis he said something very significant towards the end of the interview - quote " Always allow your enemy to dig himself a hole" which is a very shrewd political statement.
Mr Trump has certainly dug for himself one gigantic hole !
It will be interesting at sometime in the future to see if he recognises his folly and of how he will attempt to extricate himself ?

Steve Borthwick said...

HV, true. Mattis seems like a smart guy!