Saturday, January 07, 2017

Shared feelings

Human beings are funny old animals, it's what comes of having complex brains I suppose; I came across this list the other day, it's a bunch of complex emotions that we all feel and yet would struggle to explain. I could identify with every single one of these feelings (i.e. have felt them or could imagine feeling them) although hadn't specifically thought about many of them in terms of an established and known "thing".

Interestingly you will also notice that quite a few of these feelings form the basis of many myths and stories also common dreams. Ultimately though it's all just chemistry going on in our brains; how do we know this? Well, change the chemistry and the emotions change (i.e. using drugs), also when the brain (or parts of it) is damaged then the feelings change or disappear. Many people would rather bypass the effort required to understand the science and leap straight to more fuzzy concepts and ideas like "spirits" or "souls", no evidence for that here though.

I'm working on some AI (artificial intelligence) projects at the moment (only simple stuff) but it's interesting to ponder whether these (or similar) conditions will emerge naturally from an AI that is sufficiently complex and experienced or if they will need to be "programmed in" so that the AI mechanism appears more Human, interesting times.

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