Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fraudulent fraud?

I'm not sure who's the bigger fraud, Trump for pretending to be a Christian or all the right-wing Christians who "say" they wouldn't vote for anything else when he so obviously isn't?

Still, I see that he's set about dismantling environmental legislation in favour of creating profits for massive oil, gas and auto corporations (and Trump owns shares in the company building a disputed pipeline he authorised) To me, if unchecked, this seems akin to burning your house down so that you don't have to re-decorate and then getting your (poor) neighbours to pay to re-build it.

In true doublespeak style, Trump both claimed to support environmental controls and at the same time said he would grant big business permits to do whatever they want. It seems increasingly like we're witnessing an Orwell novel being acted out in front of our eyes. Unfortunately the ignorant masses who voted for him probably haven't read any of Orwell's novels, and the cynical hucksters riding on his coat-tails have almost certainly been using 1984 as an instruction manuals all along!

Don't forget, war is peace, freedom is slavery and Trump is presidential.

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