Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump and religion

Oh crap, Trump said he's an atheist (who'd a guessed?). Now, when it all goes pear-shaped (as it inevitably will) every religious apologist and her uncle will be saying "see, that's what happens when you put an atheist in charge, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler bla bla". I can just see it now, they'll be insufferable!

Truth be told I reckon there have been at least a few presidents with atheistic/deistic tendencies, they just couldn't admit it in public. Jefferson was not Christian and Lincoln probably not, people like Washington, Madison, Monroe, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama were at most only notionally religious according to many close to them. In the case of Trump you can't believe a single thing he says, that's the position we should probably go with, unfortunately it's a lose - lose for all of us..

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