Monday, June 06, 2016

Bloody Ell Clone

Several people have asked me to share my (clone) recipe for a Beavertown beer known as "Bloody E'll" - it's called that because it unusually contains blood orange juice and here's my version! Note, this isn't any kind of official recipe just my own approximation, i.e. the real recipe is probably nothing like this but to me the following tastes good and is similar enough. The ingredients have undergone several iterations and some experimentation and have settled down to the following malt and hop bills (note this is for 1 imperial gallon so you'll need to scale up or down depending on your batch size),

Maris Otter Pale Malt 950g (82%)
Carabelge Malt 100g (9%)
Carahell Malt 100g (9%)

Hops & other additions:

- Gypsum @60mins (suitable amount depending on your water profile)
- Pacific Jade 4g @60mins

- Citra/Amarillo 3g each @15mins

- Protofloc Tablet @10mins (1 tablet per 5 gallons)
- Yeast Nutrient @10mins (1 teaspoon per gallon)
- Citra/Amarillo 3g each @10mins

- Citra/Amarillo 3g each @5mins
- 250ml Blood Orange juice @5mins (roughly 6-10 oranges)

- Citra/Amarillo 4g each @flame-out

- Citra/Amarillo 5g each dry hop last 5 days

Yeast: Safale US-05
Mash: 66-68c for 90minutes
Boil: 60 minutes
Ferment: 14 days
Condition: 14 days

Target SG: 1060
Target FG: 1014 (~6% ABV)

IBU: 40-50
SRM: See photo above for rough guide (about 8-12)
Prime: roughly 20g dextrose per gallon

Any questions, drop me a comment.

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