Monday, June 27, 2016

Is there a leader in the house?

OK, it's clear that our political class are in a state of melt-down now that the little-Englander genie is out of the bottle, what with the buck-passing, back-tracking and refusal to strike the final neck-blow by signing Article 50, we obviously have a national shortage of leadership.

Nature abhors a vacuum so here's my plan,

1. Immediate general election
2. Consign the current Tory party and UKIP to the dustbin of history
3. Reform our electoral system, adopt a PR system and properly reform the Upper House
4. Catalyse the break up of the Tory and Labour parties
5. Smash together the centre left and centre right factions plus the Lib-dems into a new party
6. Vote the new party into power giving them a mandate to revert the referendum decision
7. Try to patch it all up with our allies as best we can
8. Crack on with rallying people around sorting out the real problems on our (shared) planet, you know, little things like climate-change, poverty, tyrants, rampant religious fundamentalism, pollution, nuclear proliferation etc.

It's about time we focused on the species threatening things our children will have to deal with and not the petty obsessions of aggressively small minded politicians.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!