Wednesday, June 01, 2016


On what must have been a slow news day for the Nottingham post here's a little story about a shop in Nottingham selling "Christian Books". Apparently Grandmother and Catholic "Murial Swan" was "offended" when she discovered that the shop only sold Protestant books and made the claim that the owners of the shop were "anti-Catholic" and that this omission represented discrimination.

I can sympathise, I had a similar thing happen to me the other day. I popped into a Catholic church to buy some crosses to help me in the important work I do and discovered a whole range of offensive activities happening inside. People (including young children) drinking blood and eating human flesh while whispering to themselves in hushed voices, men dressed as women waving burning sticks around polluting the atmosphere, babies being water-boarded and dubious looking middle-aged virgins dressed in black handing out advice on sex, it was weird and upsetting. Apparently all done in order to suck up to some giant invisible man who lives in the sky! All I wanted was a silver cross or two to ward off vampires, these people clearly discriminate against vampire hunters.

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