Monday, June 20, 2016

Brexit coming off the rails?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was caught playing the "victim card" yesterday in Preston; he actually claimed that the "exit-campaign" had momentum which had been lost because of the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox and that this made him a victim of hatred. This extremely ill-judged commentary along with the disastrous poster campaign showing him standing in front of an almost national-socialist style poster clearly aimed at whipping up fear and xenophobia hopefully marks the beginning of the end for this most divisive of recent politicians.

On the other side of the fence we have one of my favourite politicians (NOT) Baroness Warsi who is claiming to have switched sides because of racism in the out campaign. This isn't surprising Warsi sees racism in everything and often uses it herself in order to avoid the effort of coming up with a coherent argument. The supporters of the leave side are frantically reporting that they didn't even know Warsi was on their side this morning, again, unsurprising, after all, who would want to belong to a club that would have her as a member.

In related news, quite a few business big-hitters came out over the weekend in favour of remaining in the EU. Many people on the left and supporters of the exit side may well claim that this is what business leaders would say as they're primarily interested in lining their pockets, an interesting point of view bearing in mind fiscal benefit is one of their strongest rallying calls. Of course self interest may well be a big factor in this vote, after all, capitalism is the system we choose to operate in this country and profit is how it works. It's pretty difficult to think of scenarios that are generally bad for business but good for ordinary people, in a similar vein it's impossible to think of examples where the government has had a tax windfall and this has been passed onto ordinary people either. It's awkward truths like this that would suggest we'll all be better off sticking to plan A and remaining in the EU.

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