Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Did Farage really just say that?

I think I'm slightly more stupid this morning after listening to Nigel Farage on TV last night, at one point he argued that he doesn't mind that, upon leaving the EU large multi-national pharmaceutical companies will be much more inclined to leave the UK and set up head-quarters and research facilities elsewhere. His (bizarre) logic was that the power these companies have in the market and their influence from lobbying is forcing UK based "alternative" medicine companies out of business, implying that he'd rather see "alternative medicine" companies than "real medicine" companies here in the UK? 

By exhibiting such a poor grasp of medicine, science and basic economics all at once, I have to believe that this buffoon just made that comment up on the spot, if he didn't then he deserves to be ridiculed to the bone. Big Pharma is "big" because mainstream drugs (for the most part) are properly researched and tested, i.e. they work and are therefore successful. "Alternative medicine" on the other hand is called "alternative" because it's not real medicine and doesn't work any better than placebo; this is why it's still a cottage industry that only appeals to the credulous and the desperate. Swapping Big Pharma for "alternative medicine" would be like swapping a Macbook-pro for an etch-a-sketch.

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