Monday, June 06, 2016

Unelected voices

Nice point being made by Nick Clegg today in the Evening Standard; his basic argument is that vocal opponents of EU membership like Digby Jones, Norman Lamont, Norman Tebbit, David Owen, Michael Howard, Nigel Lawson and others should be feeling a large twinge of hypocrisy when pontificating on the democratic deficiencies of the EU. As Clegg points out, the UK House of Lords is one of the least democratic and most bloated  houses of Government on the planet and yet these Lords don't seem to see or feel any sense of irony when they use their privileged (unelected) platform to criticize institutions they claim to be "undemocratic".

Clegg also points out that the Brexit ministers like Gove and Grayling in the current Government seem equally un-phased by the fact that only 24% of the eligible population voted for them in the last general election. Whatever happens on the EU question, we seriously need an overhaul of our own institutions; kick out the parasites and have a properly elected upper house, you know you deserve it.

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